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I got some specifically QSL-Cards:

   60 Years of The Queen's reign 
 100 Years TITANIC disaster
 350 Years Peter I. (The Great)

 XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014 - SOCHI

 SOCCER international
 Formula 1

 Spaceflights and GAGARIN
 Special sporting events
 QSL-Card of Radio Austria International 
 IOTA QSL-Cards 
 Maritim QSL-Cards 
 Italian Navy Coastal Radio Station

 Some QSL-Cards with firm reference 
 Amateur radio is also woman thing 
 Some futuristic QSL-Cards 
 Amateur radio under extreme conditions 
 The most different types of QSL-Cards 
 Merry QSL-Cards are also on the way
 Non-standard QSL-Cards 
 QSL-Cards of amateur radio operator clubs
 QSL-Cards for special events