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My name is Gerhard Franz Rothfuss and I was born in Vienna ( Wien ). Since then I live in the largest district of Vienna, in the Danube city ( Donaustadt ). I have however since 1980 a second domicile in the middle castle country ( Burgenland ).
I am for many years  SWL  (short wave listeners) and since 1984 member in the regional amateur radio organization Vienna (ADL 101) of the  OEVSV  (Österreichischer Versuchs Sender Verband). I have the amateur radio license of the Ceptklasse 2 since August 1989 and since September 1993 the amateur radio license of the Ceptklasse 1. Additionally I am also member with the  MFCA  (navy radio operator club Austria) and the  ADXB-OE  (association of young DXer in Austria).
Since I am also a " Yachtie ", I am naturally member with the  OESV  (Austrian sails federation) and have the licence for handling of sport yachts within the field of navigation area 3. On my sailing toerns I am on the short wave under /mm QRV. I have the "Radiotelephone Operator's General Certificate for Maritime Service" and the "Long Range Certificate (LRC)" both for any Ship Station and any Coast Station.
Additionally I have also two diving licences: Brevet International from  CMAS  and Open Water Diver from  SSI .