Space and time
Stephen Hawking / Roger Penrose

Which occurred in the early moments of the BIG BANG, the singularity on the start of the world, and which occurs beyond the EREIGNISHORIZONTS, on those puzzling SINGULARITIES in internal black holes? Which strange QUANTUM PROCESSES drive these to resolve itself and which occurs with all the information, which they swallowed before? Two of the most renowned mathematicians 20. Century discuss basic questions of the MODERN COSMOLOGY and physics for the origin and fate universe.

The book:

Das Buch

Stephen Hawking / Roger Penrose
Raum und Zeit
German by Claus Kiefer
1. Edition September 1998
Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN   3 498 02934 7

The original output appeared 1996 under the title " The Nature OF space and time " with the Princeton University presses, new jersey.

The authors are professors for mathematics, Stephen Hawking in Cambridge, Roger Penrose in Oxford. Michael Atiyah, which wrote the preface, is a rector of the Trinity college, Cambridge, and former president of the Royal Society. A book from the " Isaac Newton institutes Series OF Lectures ".